School Children Cyber Safety Project Kenya Use of ICT in a safe and secure cyber environments: Empower the children with online safety knowledge to recognise and optimise their full potential using technology

*Set up an information portal accessible via the Internet that will be used as a reference tool for the program

*Create awareness to children on the cyber environment and the associated risks

*Create awareness on measure to reduce exposure to risks

*Provide an avenue for guidance and support in the event of incident occurrence

*Involve children in Internet Governance discussions within their respective communities
Devt Reginald Nalugala Asonga Kuchio Foundation
Improvement of Aquaculture productivity and income of Fishers in Ghana Ghana *Development of a mobile technology platform which provides services to farmers to enable them have relevant and timely agricultural information and market access

*Provide fish farmers the opportunity to access finance and guaranteed markets

*Deliver timely and relevant best aquaculture practices including market prices, weather, inputs suppliers and weather information in their own local language in order to improve productivity, income and autonomy
Access/Innov/Devt Alloysius Attah, Emmanuel Addai, Worlali Senyo, Joel Budu, Amos Wussah, Schandorf Adu Bright Farmerline Ltd
Citizens Jury Nigeria *Development of an application designed to drive participation amongst citizens across communities to allow them participate actively in the democatric process: Citizens register/login via emails and subsequently track performance of budgets using pictures, videos as evidences to give updates/monitor progress

*Provision of an enriched platform (mobile and online) for citizens to access government budget detailing expenditure per community (State/Federal)
Devt Oluwaseun Fakuade, Frederick Adetiba Beacons Development Foundation
Problem-based-E-Learning System Development for Use in Agricultural Training and Extension Kenya *Developing a problem-based-e-learning system to supplement agricultural school based training and agricultural extension services

*Providing a new platform in the region aimed at improving user knowledge and skills in agriculture through the use of contemporary web-based technologies employing problem-based learning and utlising social media, rich interactve multimedia and digital storytelling
Devt Prof James Ambani Kulubi Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology
Cape Verde Tourism Cape Verde * Development of a mobile application, to provide touristic information about the country, including: hotels, restaurants, historic sites, monuments, etc Innov/Devt Isaias Barreto Da Rosa University Jean Piaget of Cape Verde
CyCy - Internet for All. Anytine. Anywhere Zimbabwe * Provision of a new wireless HotSpot service based on a new business model for the provision of internet services — one that grants free access to a high-speed and reliable internet service in exchange for watching a 30 second commercial

* Development of a   two key component business model:
- CyCy Cloud platform: a cloud-hosted HotSpot management solution. The software will be hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS);
- CyCy Advertising platform: allowing to run multi-platform ad campaigns enabling advertisers to deliver their advertising messages to users anytime and anywhere, and providing a unique advertising opportunity 
Access/Innov/Devt Tendai Sixpence
Nyasha Mutize
Freewire Networks (Pvt) Ltd
TaxiMobile Cameroon * Development of a SMS and Web platform linking users and taxi drivers in the city of Yaounde (Cameroon) Devt Bruno Souop Soufo Novazen
MILLIME Tunisia * Development of a platform "" allowing Tunisian people to perform micro donations to predefined associations certified by a platform

* Setting up of partnerships with banks and telecommunications operators to enable donors to automate their micro donations through transactions  with their credit cards
Devt Adel Alaya TEC4DEV
Android Application to identify and track the states of damaged infrastructures Cote d'Ivoire & Morocco * Promote citizen action

* Development of a mobile android application to identify damaged or degraded infrastructures, report to avoid dangers and show the public authorities the rapair follow up
Devt/Innov Nadège Dandou CHALA
SmartEco Tunisia  * Development of a platform that helps organisations, communities and individuals to promote and market their products.

* Provision of an online store offering various ecotourism products in tunisia,  an accessible and cheap window for the marketing  without much knowledge in computer science or business strategy window.
Devt Majdi Calboussi TEN
Cyber Champion Cote d'Ivoire  * Production of a TV game show to educate youth on the proper use of the Internet , based on its culture and the popularisation of its applications

* TV quiz devoted to proper use of Internet tools, knowledge and understanding of ICTs (ICT News, useful Applications and concepts,  useful tips discovery)
Devt Ana Carina Apoque Competences Ltd
Freedom of expression